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AST GLOBAL GROUP DOO is a high-tech company established for developing hardware and software with big data technologies which are scalable, high added value, easy to maintain with advanced technologies.  Our products include intelligent and smart processes, business intelligence like equipment tracking, personnel tracking, tracking of industrial/transport vehicles with real-time collection, analysis and automation of industrial production data.

Our solution packages including software and hardware products are designed and patented by our professional engineers and are very easy for installation and usage, with very fast investment returns.


AST Global Group designs and produces SMART “Intelligent Hardware & Software”, which include production management, tracking of all kind of equipment and personal, industrial process tracking and production overall optimization for manufacturing companies.


We are supplying one of the world’s leading data collection, production management and execution technology.


The mission of AST Global Group Doo. is to provide real-time fully transparent production monitoring, management and monitoring of  equipment and personal in all industrial or non-industrial manufacturing organizations, to be able to work continuously, to set up very easily, to perfect production management without additional automation costs, at the same time to design, develop and produce hardware and software for Intelligent/smart analyzing, forecasting and planning.


AST Global Group develops unique techniques and products that make a sense and difference on global market. Some of those:

High-tech software & hardware combinations using Big Data technologies for information management, estimation and analysis.

Cloud technologies and advanced business intelligence solutions.

High-tech hardware and software with different scales for manufacturing management and tracking.

High performance software together with industrial hardware that can provide tracking of staff / equipment / vehicle for all organizations which are manufacturing or non-manufacturing.

Intelligent and Smart man-machine interfaces (MMI / HMI) with touch, modern operating system options.

Industrial embedded smart electronic devices and software.

Programmable intelligent and independent embedded control interfaces.

Industrial touch panel PCs, barebone PCs, workstations, server systems and related software.


Unique hardware and software including electronic data collection and analysis capabilities from industrial and intelligent manufacturing plants.


Design and production of hardware systems for Industrial Indoor & Outdoor Digital Signage (Intelligent electronic information and enterprise communication).


Our products including Smart digital shop floor automation and management, IT & Data Analysis, BigDATA & Cloud, personal, equipment, business tools monitoring systems and process control solutions are developed for the sectors where reliability and accuracy are very important such as global automotive industry, food, medicine-health, defense and military, hospital, general production, packaging, textiles, etc.


All the SMART products developed and produced by our company include innovative and patented advanced technologies.


Production data was being collected from the machines by operators manually with the help of PC based terminals until now. With DASS Smart Factory, production data is collected electronically with the help of advanced patented technologies authomatically by using fixed data collection devices.


Data collection is possible with Dass Smart Industrial Embedded PCs including touch screen, finger print access control, Dass ProCycle I/O hardware. It is easy to reach information about operators and technical maintenance team. Some other data like Real time OEE, real time TEE, real time maintenance data, overload, stopfail, working frequency, etc. can be analyzed, too.


It can supply solutions for manufacturing planning systems, efficiency scaling, maintenance duration and follow up, power consumptions, power quality, costs based on unit part, OEE, TEEP, Power efficiency, etc.


AST Global Group has CE and ISO 9001 certificates. Main hardware used in the system are DASS PAT (patented), DASS DCT, DASS SMartCycle I/O.


Data processing and storage are arranged by DASS Smart Factory software web server and wide communication protocol supports. With DASS Smart Factory, it is easy to achieve and improve of  production planning, monitoring, machine status monitoring, time analyzing, production time analysis, energy costs per single part, total energy cost and planning, energy quality, machine control and analysis, efficiency, all over monitoring, OEE, TEE, etc.


We supply DASS Smart Tracking  System for manufacturing or service industries to monitor and tracking of personal, machines and vehicles. It is very efficient and unique system including with new generation technologies.


AST Global Group continues to develop technologies and solutions for industrial manufacturing management systems, Big Data analysis and electronic monitoring technologies.