Electronic Data Collection Products of AST Global Group

Our hardware products to Shop Foor collect data from production;


It is a new method firstly applied on the world with a unique technology to obtain and understand production signals. It is totally different than existing classic data collection equipment like PLC, I/O stations, etc.

PAT data analyzing hardware is connected to machines without any direct electronic contact to machines. It can get all related data regarding machine status like production signals, product count, downtimes, working frequencies, maintenance possibilities, etc. PAT can achieve all these information within algorithms running micro controller level.

This technology can be considered as a big innovation for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) application. Because it is eliminating the need for additional equipment requirement for electronic data collection in such systems. So it is decreasing the automation costs significantly.


It is developed by DASS Teknik engineers and it is compatible with all DASS Smart series products. This electronic card can be used alone or can be connected to DASS Smart PAT.

It is processing digital signals coming from the production machines and converting them into logical data for DASS Smart products. It can control the production machines with double way.

It can supply data traffic with DCD by its special protocols. ProCycle I/O can be integrated to many systems with additional modules like Ethernet, RS232, RS485, 1Wire, Profinet, etc.


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DASS Smart DCD (Data Collection Device) is a unique Industrial Touch Panel PC which includes Dass SMART PAT and SMART PROCYCLE I/O data analyzing hardware inside, and a fully integrated embedded ARM Cortex platform with Real-Time operating system.

With 10.1″ and 21.5″ capacitive touch screens, this product is used for collecting data from manufacturing machines.

DASS Smart DCD has the capability of generating production signals such as machines status, faults, operating frequencies, product counts and many other informations by anlysing the electrical consumption states of the machine.

It controls all the relationships between the Operator and the Work order and also the operator interactive processes.With its many intelligent algorithms and applications, Dass SMART DCD has the ability to send real time production data related with the operators and the production machines to any Database environment or Big Data ecosystem.

The touchscreen allows instant notifications, calculations and controls. Through, it provides instant data to the operator and planning / control team, active work order, failure, machine overload and productivity in many details.

Being produced for industrial environments, Dass SMART DCD with many more impressive features bring a new insight into “Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)”, entegrated with DASS Smart Series softwares and hardwares.

Dass SMART IoT Data Collection Modules

We are developing “Internet of Things” IoT modules to collect data from any machine used in production facilities.

By processing analog or digital signals, it has the ability to send these signals to any local data storage area or cloud if desired.

Our solutions, which are used in many industrial environments, help you to make improvements with easy and reasonable prices for the conversion of the Industry 4.0.

It provides easy and effective usage with the development Dll and API by supportting global protocols.

Includes embedded intelligent algorithms that can understand what the signal form is.

Dass Smart Factory Embeded Software

Dass Smart Factory Embedded Software allows you to scale all machines, workers, planning and management data in your production area and also, it enables you to perform your management, analysis and performance dynamics in the most efficient way with maximum efficiency by collecting in the Big Data ecosystem.

Fully transparent monitoring. With ergonomic, user-friendly interfaces and dynamic measures to prevent data loss, the data is inserted into a specific scenario and sent to the master database.

Works in performance with Wifi and Lan communication methods.

Dass Smart Factory keeps product information coming from SMART PAT module, Smart PROCycle I/O module, Smart Remote DCD, Smart Tracking and many other data collection stations in a scalable way and also, it provides you with all the management and planning support you need by the Big Data analysis and reporting technology.